Living Cost & Accommodation

Living Cost

The cost of living in Australia is comparatively higher than some of the countries in the world. However, the living expenses are varied according to where you reside. In major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, have generally higher cost of living than any other areas in Australia. The living expenses can also be varied depending on individual’s lifestyle. Generally, students who are still single spend approximately AUD 2,000 per month. And for a family, they can spend up to AUD 3, 000 per month. To help students earning money while studying in Australia, the government allows them to work part time or casual for 20 hours per week. This opportunity significantly helps students to pay their accommodation, meals, transportation, and daily necessities. Besides supporting the students financially, the employment opportunities will add a great addition to their personal and professional development and can be a good starting point for their preparation to enter the competitive workplace.


There are few options for students to choose the type of accommodation they need according to their financial circumstances. Below is some type of accommodation options for international students:

  • On- campus accommodation

Many universities in Australia have dormitories and student accommodation near by the universities. The Universities normally offer different kinds of housing arrangements such as single room, studio, shared rooms, and shared housing. On-campus accommodation costs average about AUD 250 – AUD 400 per week depending on the available facilities it provided. The students can find more information regarding prices, facilities, and spaces of student’s accommodation by visiting the universities websites.

  • Rent Apartment or House

International students can arrange or rent accommodation such as houses or apartments while studying in Australia. This can be done through real estate agent or private landlord. The cost of accommodation is subjected to the location, spacious, and the facilities available. It usually ranges from 150-350 per week. If you share your accommodation with other housemates, the cost would be cheaper. You can explore more on some student’s accommodation through the websites below