Admission Procedures

The following are the steps that can be taken to help students with the admission procedures for studying in Australia:

1. Initial research of university and program

Students should start doing research months or years before making an application to their proposed universities in Australia. They should research their program carefully and make sure that the chosen course is suitable and prosperous for their passion and future goals. The students can do research by visiting universities official websites to find out the requirements (Fees, standardised language score, academic related documents and working experiences) for international students. They can also consult this with the education consultancies that can provide them expert advice to choose the best academic programs.

2. Taking Language test

The students can start preparing the language proficiency test to get enrolled in Australian Universities. The students can join courses to improve their language skills so that they can achieve their expected scores based on the university’s requirements. Majority of educational institutions or universities in Australia require IELTS, TOEFL or PTE as their standardized language proficiency test. The students’ scores determine the success of their admission to their projected universities.


3. Start application process for admission

The application process to get admission in Australian Universities will require academic mark sheets, academic transcripts, copy of the course syllabus of previous studies if required. A copy of the passport identification page, English proficiency test certificate (IELTS or TOEFL). A good statement of purpose(SOP) explaining your qualities, ambitions, goals, abilities also play a major role in admission in Australia. Getting a letter of recommendation (LoR) from your teachers, managers and professional relations will add a great value to your application. We will help our students in accordance to the documents required to a specific course or subject.

4. Acceptance letters

The students who have fulfilled all the requirements will then be notified via email that your application is accepted by Australian universities. We will suggest you accept and don’t delay as soon as they offer you letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance will comprise the subject details, tuition fee, length of study and some other conditions and policy outlined by the university. The universities will ask you to pay the fee after accepting the acceptance agreement.

5. Apply for a student visa and health insurance

Once students paid the initial fee or deposit, the universities or colleges will send a COE (Confirmation of enrolment). The students can the apply visa using the COE through online or to nearest Australian High Commission/Embassy in their respective country. At Abraodvalley consultancy, our counsellor will provide full support to guide all your visa application process.

International students are required to have health insurance while studying in Australia. Therefore, students should subscribe one health insurance during their study in Australia. There are multiple health providers that they can opt to depending on their financial circumstances. Our team will also guide students on this matter.

6. Final checklist

After getting the visa and other necessary requirements, the students can book their airline tickets, we recommend to book months prior to get the cheapest price. They need to find accommodation in the host country that suitable for them. The students also need to understand the custom and migration policy when arriving in Australia. And finally, they need to check all the documents required when arriving in Australia. Don’t forget to also take your electronic gadgets (laptop, phone, tablet and etc) to support your study in Australia.